I Really Just Want Someone Who...

I really just want someone who likes me, someone who wants to go out with me. I think I want validation that I'm an interesting, engaging, and likable person.
sadfishes sadfishes
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i feel that something has happened in your relationship that making you feel that you are not important or wanted. Waht you got to remember is that you would have to first restore faith in yourself and then decide if you may have anything common with different people to make them wanting like and become your spirtual/physical freinds.

Yeah, totally agree with Scion. I know at this point in my life I should be a sex-crazed hormonal wreck, but all I really find myself looking for is someone who I can enjoy time with and who makes me feel like I have enough good qualities to be someone enjoyable and lovable. Then again, I'm just some kid.<br />
<br />
Cheers! And best of luck.

I've felt that way. I think on some level everyone wants to be understood and liked without being, I dunno, judged.

you've caught my attention. i like what i see.

I guess I feel like while I know how I feel about myself, that to other people I am not so important. because I've never been proven wrong on that count.

What about validating that for yourself? < 3