i am being ate up by life

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Not depressed anymore T Y

listen to "and so it goes" by Billy Joel

thank you for the comment i have to stop feeling sorry for myself!! I am so happy you survived the cancer. God bless you too my friend(((HUGS))))

I always look at life as a learning experience. There is so much to learn and appreciate. Sometimes the lessons hurt. Sometimes they leave us feeling lonely. Sometimes they make us feel as though we have nothing left. But most the time the lessons we learn leave us laughing. Feeling loved. Feeling good. Maybe not always at the time we are learning our lessons, but eventually what matters will stick with us, and we look back and say...well it wasn't so bad after all. I try to be optimistic in everything. And I think it helps. I also have a very strong faith in God and I know that without Him I am nothing. Whenever I find myself feeling down, I just turn on the TV and listen to the news at all the people that have it so much rougher than me and I ask myself what I can do to help. This always makes me feel better. I am a cancer survivor and I appreciate the second chance that I was given. And yes sometimes I get down, but it doesn't take me long to remember how blessed I am just to be alive. May God Bless You and Lift you to Higher grounds.

Just think about all the new experiences you can have in the "stomach" of life. Look around, what is new that you can explore, who else is there with you, what can you learn from them about what they are going through? What can you teach then about what you are going through? Is there a way out or do you have to really hit the "bowels" of life...because you have to hit bottom before you can head back up. And, if you keep looking down, there will always be a lower spot to hit, but if you look up there will be a hand somewhere to help lift you back up. You don't have to be chipper and cheerful all the time, but it helps! :-)