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I need to talk to someone because I feel so angry and frustrated,  My eldest son who is 27 and has worked really hard in his job in the Merchant navy has been sacked today. he worked on a supply vessel  off shore in India as a 2nd officer. In fact he spent three months at the end of 2008, studying at Naval college to get a promotion. He found out while back at sea that he had passed and was now qualified for the next step up the ladder. He and the chief mate went onshore for a celebratory drink and were in big trouble from the captain. They were both sent home in disgrace to H.Q. in Aberdeen. My son phoned me this morning to tell me. I am so angry with him for this total lack of disipline. He knew the rules and I feel like screaming at his total lack of judgement. Perhaps I should feel sorry for him for losing his well paid job but I can't. He has thrown it away for a few bloody beers. THe reason I'm writing this is  he doesn't want me to share this with anyone right now. God he has been in the Merchant Navy for long enough to know the score. What a fool!!!

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thank you also rhettbutler69 I appreciate your words. I wish you and you son well.

Thank you Jojo and Phedokitty for your replies. I have four sons and Andrew was the one who was 'flying' the next one down has a degree but cannot get a job and the twins are in 6th form at school. I am always here for them. Andrew calls me more when things are not going well, the younger one calls more when things are going well.<br />
anyway hopefully things will get better for both of them. Watch this space!

Sorry you're so angry and frustrated. It is only natural to feel that way. We always want to be so proud of our children. A lot of times the hopes and dreams we have for them don't turn out like we'd like them to, even if they've obtained something really good and then blow it somehow. Anyway, I'm thinking about you and hope that things go better for him soon. All the best, <br />

I have gone through the same thing with my eldest son. He has a good head on his shoulders, works hard and has created and sold a few businesses in the past. But it seems whenever things are going really well for him, he sets off in another direction, abandoning one lucrative ventrue for another risk. I find it hard not to say anything negative, but I refrain. He makes the choices and has to live with them. I may not like it, but it's his life. All I can do is be there for him and he knows I am.

I know my son feels **** and I don't mean to sound hard. At the end of the day it is about him and he made the choice and he is the one who has to live with that and start again.On a positive note my son has no family commitments at the moment. the other chap has! They say you can't put an old head on young shoulders! What is their excuse.<br />
Anyway it is done now and "worse things happen at sea!"

well,imagine how your son is feeling now..i guess he is not happy at all...sorry for both you....