I Might Be a Hopeless Romantic.

Well I am very confused, I met someone a few days ago and we went out exploring the city. We had a good time and we have some things in common. I have not dated for a while because I felt that I did not desire a significant other and that all came crashing down after I met this new person. He is funny and attractive and also a bit insecure. But I like him. Or I think I like him. I am not sure. Well I am confused about him being attracted to me as well. He complimented me multiple times so I think he might be into me. At the end of the day he invited me to a rave and I declined because the way he described it was way too intense. Hard drugs, pounding speakers and flashing lights sounded like a recipee for disaster. If it was a house party I would have gone but my fear was that I would be drugged and then wake up in a stranger's bed or worse. He has not contacted me, it has been about two days. I think I like him. I feel as though I am falling into a deep pit. Just a few days ago I had no desire for a significant other. And to top it all off work has cut hours drastically. I hope I can get through this. I am such a calm person and now I am in such a panic. I just don't know.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

thanks for the advice although the picnic thing might not work considering it is freezing over here. I will try calling him though.

two days isn't long.......but if you have his number, why not ring him and invite him to a twilight picnic on the beach, then pack a picnic basket and head for the beach after work. <br />
<br />
Its cosy, yet not intimate, undisturbed environment for quality conversation, get to know each other.....don't commit to the bedroom too early, it only leads to heartache