What a Mess

so I thought I met the man of my life.  He bought the place I always wanted, with a lot of acreage for my horses, and a pool, a pond.  But once I moved in he abused me, mentally and physically.  I got out of there, and met someone after that I trusted, someone I knew for years, I tusted him and he got me pregnant then ignored me.  I got an abortion, which I now regret, however, I think I made the right choice since I haven't heard from but once since then.  Why bring a child into this awful world like that?  Am I wrong???  Besides why was I screwing around in the first place?   I shouldn't have been....I just got out of an awful relationship...

Please offer me some words of encouragement, I'm falling apart...

sumdumwhitechik sumdumwhitechik
2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

My favorite saying is..."It took me who I was and where I have been to make me who I am." I believe this with all of my heart too. Life is tough, but we will prevail. Hang in there.....brighter days are right around the bend, *hugs*

u went through tough times.being abused by ur dream man is difficult enough. i know because the same thing happened to my mom for 15 years until she found strenght to break away. then something else happened to u. u had to make difficult choices.u shouldnt judge urself and watever u do dont regret a thing. it only leads to more hurt and pain. i know its easy to say and hard to do but u have to try.u are very brave to have gone through all this and still live and be strong.