I'm so lonely right now that I could die and no one would notice (and it would be very good). I'm so tired of being sad. It's destroying me and I just don't know what to do.
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message me anytime if you wanna talk about this, or just to talk in general. :)

Talk to us on EP and hopefully your loneliness will go away.


Well cheer up ****.

Well, Isabel, you sound depressed.

I'm sure right now you think you're alone--very alone--and that this is a permanent state. I can assuredly say that neither of those things is true.

Depression is only permanent if you let it be, and I'm sure if you looked around (truly looked around), you'd notice all sorts of people and resources around you that care, or are willing to care IF you look.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, depression and how you're feeling sucks...It's the dumps (period). And endless tunnel that you seem to be falling into--deeper and deeper.

With that said: You matter, to someone, and if you look, that someone will be there for you. Just as I'm here to let you know that such a person does exist. You can do this; we all know you're strong!!! And, while nobody may fully understand what you're going through, there are always people willing to try and understand :)

Jesus! I could hug you right now. Thank you very much. You're right.

I hope my words, no matter how small, are helpful. I truly mean them!!!

Don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us on EP...It's a, mostly, great community :)

Good luck, Isabel :)

Very well said.

You are right and all you say is true but when you are depressed it's hard to see the truth thank God for people like you !!!

I agree...It is hard. There really is no sugar coating it, but it's always better to acknowledge the difficulty in the first place...That way, you know exactly what you're up against ;) . All the better to take the reins and fight back :)

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