I've been feeling very lonely lately and I get so irritated with about just everything!
And I know why I'm feeling this way! It's because i miss having people around me, I'm moderately social and I LOVE people! I love being around them, love talking to them, I love laughing with them. But I guess I didn't quiet yet found that group of people that I click with. I have about 2 of who I call my closest friends but they seem can't find the time for me anymore and we rarely get together.
This feeling is so frustrating and I'm really tired of it. I spend more time in my room than going out! Because even I wanted to go out I wouldn't find someone available.
No one takes the initiative anymore to pick up the phone or pay a surprise visit to me, it's like I always find myself reaching out for others, I'm the one who keeps in touch and insists on hanging out. But no one does that for me ever!
I don't know I'm started to think maybe I'm doing something wrong here maybe I'm pushing people away! Otherwise why can't ever find someone beside me.

It sucks
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You need other people to feel happy.. that is not a good thing.. first be your own best friend.. than to others.. when you enjoy your own company you wont feel lonely.. You have to learn not to depend on other for happiness.. you need to be in a place where its fun to be around people and ok if they are not..

Dude! My feelings almost exactly. (Oxymoron, in a sense.)
I feel the same way a lot of the time. It sucks.
I don't know what to do except try to find some people, but shame people get confusing and complex and such.

There can be many reasons to that independent of whether you are doing something wrong or not (and you probably are not, because if you were, you wouldn't be spending time thinking whether you were doing something wrong or not-that's the way it goes)....If you have to reach out to have people beside you, so be it. Isn't the ultimate goal to have people you can trust and spend good time with beside you? Even if it's just 2 of them, and even if you are the one to reach out to them all the time, do it anyway, if you really trust them and have good time with them...We don't have the luxury of being too picky unfortunately, if we don't want to end up alone in life....Don't question why nobody reaches out...Continue reaching out...If you get a response when you reach out, it's good enough in my opinion.

Thank u for lifting me up with your kind words. I understand that me taking the initiative isn't so bad but it's nice to know that others are looking for u, in need of u. The thought of someone making some effort to reach out for me means a lot to me.

Trust me, I understand what you are saying and I understand the feeling and the feeling behind the feeling...Just because people don't reach out to you doesn't mean they don't like you or they don't appreciate you...I'll give you an example...Sometimes, when people that I actually like as a person reach out to me, I don't respond their calls...And I don't call them back...It's not because I don't like them or I don't want to spend time with them, it's because I have an internal problem going on that needs attending to...When I feel that I am not in a positive psychology, I don't want to spend time with people because I feel I will not give them my 100% attention and I will not have fun...This is just one example....I am not saying this is the case for them, but everybody has different reasons behind why they behave in a certain way and sometimes it's not because of us....Sometimes there are unthinkable reasons....Yet, if you really want to know why, you can ask too in a nice way....For example: " I noticed that I reach out to you quite a lot but I don't get the same from you. Am I doing something to offend you? " Then you can continue the conversation based on the answer you get and whether it convinces you..
Just don't feel sad over it.