I am struggling to even find the words right now. I have been so upset for more than a whole day now. I am a single mom of a little boy who is a year and a half. I am also pregnant. Me and the dad are no longer together and things are tough. I won't get into detail but it is just hard. I am just sad. I can't stop from crying anytime I start thinking about how upset I have been. I feel sick physically from being so upset. I so wish I had someone to talk to about things. Not just the bad but just about everything. I don't have any friends anymore. Everyone who has contacted me on here is either a creeper, obsessed with pregnant people, trying to hook up, or seems great and then randomly stops talking to me. Is there anyone real on here that is looking to talk to someone and have a new friend?
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I would be glad to talk to you. Drop me a line anytime

I'm still here if u want to talk ok

Very difficult position to find yourself in. I certainly hope you figure it all out. Friendships can be odd and often develop from the most unlikely roots. My closest friends are not people I would have selected from a friend catalogue, that's for sure! I can be a sounding board. I am a complex character but I won't creep you and the only pregnant woman I ever had a thing for gave birth to my son quite awhile ago.

No stop it! god blessed you with 2 kids.. if the dad doesn't want in.. than its a blessing for you that you don't have to struggle in a hard relationship were your kids have to see everything.. if you and your kids are healthy, thank god everyday and pray and he will help you.. Its harder to be a single mom but the love you get back is bigger than all!

Hi, I had split from my kids dad by the time my second was born, my kids are 15 months apart. It was hard. It still is, but its not them that's hard. They are now 9 & 10 and my most awesome best friends. Love them more than anything in the world. You can talk to me anytime you like.

Yes,i just recently got on this site and notice alot of messed up things,pervs and such.but i really did just get on here for friends.

I have been in a similar situation to you not on the mothers side of course but I know that's it's hard for mothers and I can talk with you about it if you'd like.

u can talk to me if u want

I know it must be hard :/ but when you feel sad, maybe try and think of how much your kids will love you one day for being a such good mom - just being there for them through this hard time and giving up so much for them. If you'd want to talk to someone for support or just to chat I'd like to help in any way I can. I have so much respect for you!

please don't let my age discourage u pm me

sorry to hear that u can talk to me if u want ok

Im really sorry. Unfortunately ep is known foe housing creeps. Being pregnant should be such a happy time in a persons life. Even though you are going through a rough time. when a woman stresses herself out, they are slowly damaging their body. Believe it or not you have a lot to be grateful for. You have a healthy child and you need to do everything you can physically and mentally, to bring another healthy child into the world. Stressing about a situation you can not fix will not help.

Would you like someone to talk to

message me and lets find some positive in your life to talk about.