Have you ever wanted someone and known it'll never happen but you can't stop thinking about them that way? Well I've been thinking about him that way for 6 years and he has no clue.
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Trust I know!! It's happening to me! 8 years now and I'm still waiting! 50years will pass!! ๐Ÿ’”it hurts so damn much

I haven't wanted someone but I can probably relate to how you feel as I have loved someone for 3 years now that will never love me the same way.. I think the best advice I have is you only have one life. We can't let these people consume us otherwise we will just waste away. There's more to life then love. Have fun, do what makes you happy and allow yourself sometime each day to love this person but then let it go until the next day. If there's a possibility of you two being together maybe take a leap of faith and let him know. I don't know if that helps just thought I'd say what I thought. Best of luck xx

Maybe you keep thinking like that cause it will never happen.. don't make it bigger than it is.. if he is marries of someone you can not date.. let it go

I guess its 17 already :/