The pain I feel because I love you is too much to handle ! πŸ’”! I try my best to be happy and I guess I'll be happy and successful in everything except in love! I'll always love even you will never love me back ! And as much I want and wish to stop loving you I won't so I guess that's it!!!
πŸ’”why doesn't have to hurt like that!
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That feeling is the worse! My friend had went through what you've been through. I know it's really hard to endure the pain all by yourself that's what she doing... She decided to let go but inside she still loves him. Till now she's still in love with him trying to forget bout him everyday... I wish to help her as I wish to help u too. Message me if u need help.

I will be here if u need someone to talk to :)

Thanks I really appreciate

I really tried , I changed the country , I'm in a new place now ! Just because of love and I thought time and distance will help but apparently no

It takes time, really. U will never truly stop loving someone, u just get used to not having them in your life anymore yeah

You can't do anything if that person don't care anymore :(

It sucks so much! It really hurts!! To work, to study and mostly to sleep !! To see man fighting with tears not to come out

Yeah I know that feeling, that emptiness.
Its okay to cry, to let it out. Don't have to fight the tears
We are humans after all

But I'm a guy! I tried relationships,many different girls ! And what's good girls likes me but I'm so stupid I don't why I just love that one person who will never love me!!! My heart burns

I feel so sorry for you. I can see that you are a loyal person and that is a good thing.

You are not stupid. The right person just haven't come yet
There are a lot of people going through the same thing here on ep.
Help them :) and u may find peace just like I did.

I really wish that! That's all I need!! Just to be happy!! I don't even wish to get because u can't happen so I just wish to be happy because I just live in pain

Focus on the happiness then , not the pain
Pain is not going to get you anywhere far in life
No matter if you are in pain or not, life still goes on

To stop loving isn’t an option, When those you love deeply reject you, your heart will be broken...But that should not hold you back from loving deeply. The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.
Take it easy... It's hard but try πŸ˜’

Should I try and not walk way from and love? I don't feel that pain ever in my life with another person because it would be too much to handle

You're such a sweet guy, and for me every great guy deserves to be happy. We just have to keep moving on. It's not going to be easy. But taking tiny steps is better than not doing anything at all.

Thank you so much!!! I really don't know how it feels to love someone that loves you back!but I wish

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It gets better, I assure you.
The pain will go away

I've been waiting for so long! 8years now soon 9 so maybe 50 more years

As with you I've moved away from someone I love in order to try and make it better but it really doesn't. Here if you would like too talk x

What should I do!! I just can't keep on with this pain! I just want it to go away! I know I can't stop from loving but at least I wish it should stop hurting !!you know what saying

I honestly would love too know the answer too that question too.. I think the best thing you can do is allow yourself to live and be happy. To find alternative things that you love.. Sports, cooking, swimming etc.. Know that no matter how down you feel there are other people out there loving you. Its hard and speaking from experience I know its hard but nothing a impossible x

Only two things are impossible
That girl loving me ! Well I know that will never happen! That's why I don't even wish for it!
The second is me to stop loving the girl, me to stop living in that pain and be happy! Bro I tried all different things!! Many girls but it doesn't work

I guess in the end you will never stop loving her but you need to somehow make the decision (I know this is easier said then done) too let her go and be happy, doesnt mean you have to stop loving her just means you allow yourself to move on with your life and enjoy it for what it is.. Something that once worked for me when these feeling consumed everyday of my life was I would allocate a set time to each day to think about the person I love etc then let it go until the same time the next day. That way you have time for yourself to. I dont know man maybe there is no answer but gotta try something..

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