I'm in my late 50's, lost my wife to leukemia several years ago, my two, thirty something daughters live with me. I've never had any interest in dating and all was well until a couple of years ago. My youngest daughter developed an illness that caused her to miss work and lose her job. She is healthy now but still not working. My oldest started drinking and missing work to do so. She went into rehab but now feels the world owes her something and is not working. L work 80 hours a week to keep the bills paid. I have always gotten along well with my daughters but lately, I want to completely abandoned then and hitchhike as far away as I can get. I hate that I feel this way but I just think I want out.
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I am a recovering alcoholic and this looks to me like you are enabling your daughters. If you love them, tell them they have 30, 60, 90 days to get jobs, one needs to get a sponsor and attend AA/NA/CA meetings or else they are out of your house. Also, google Al-Anon and find some meetings near you and get a sponsor yourself. In my 8+ years of sobriety I can tell you that you just might save them by making them suffer the consequences of their actions. May the Lord grant you the strength brother.

Their grown adult, they have to act like it, your their father you can care and help them but it's time for them to wake up into a harsh world, please don't misunderstand me, but you can't be there forever. You have to push em out little by little, as much as it hurts, it's so they can love on their on. For the one that's sick... She has to get up while she can she can't be down forever like that. Trust me I've been hospitalized 3 times yet I'm running strong.

I wish they would be strong. The weird thing is, they were both getting ready to move out on their own when their mother got sick and died. I guess they thought I needed them around and I did but now they completely depend on me and I just don't have it in me to take care of them.

Please remember that we don't all start the human race at the same starting line. Making a comparison such as this shows that you do not understand this.