But i dont know how to start a conversation and make it long. lol
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Yes. This is exactly how I feel and I get too nervous to talk out of fear I am boring.

Hi I'll talk, but tbh I'm interested in sex and I would like to talk about sex a little

really? im not that too much addicted with sex. try another one. or do it with your self! lmao xD

Talk about stuff you like and what you think the person you are talking will like or talk about your hobbies and interest then ask then about their and if they have a problem try and help them by finding a solution

the problem is some people hate that kind of conversation. lol

I am a good listener Keeycharming. Its ok, You are welcome to share anything you like. Communication is so important. If things are hard for you now, Its great to get things off of your chest. Warren1969. I am looking for friends

awwe awesome but i dont talk much unless i want to haha

ya, me too. im so lonely yet, im married and shouldn't feel so alone. now wait a minute. my husband works 6 days a week. and my 3 children are all grown and don't want advice. how did I get old. I didn't see it coming. I was so pretty, live in Hawaii for 20 years raised kids then moved to florida. yet, I'm 66 years old yet, feel so fearful of saying that number out loud. making conversation with just anyone is hard. I thought that was only old people. when I was young, way back then, I could talk with anyone. I was know as outgoing. now I have few friends and their all so busy doing something. joanne.

Hey, I was stationed at Schofield bks. 1992-1995. Beautiful state. Age is only a number. I am 45 and cant believe its been that long! Warren1969.

It should come naturally.

Give it a try, somehow it'll work

simple- just say hi and let it flow

haha! yes i will. so hi there? xD

Wth is a conversation? That's new to me 😂😂

neither do i

Does it really need to be

I would like to talk to you about Jesus Christ :-)

I'm all for freedom of people to believe what's right for them, and will fight for it. All roads lead to the middle. I'm all for listening to others beliefs with understanding. I'm not all for any religion is the answer to all

I don't know how to end a conversation and keep it short :)

Its not at all diffullcult. Saying " Hello " is usually the first step. From what I remember in how to start a conversation articles in which I read always ask who, what, where , when and how . All questions that start with those words cannot be answered with one word. If forces them to elobarate their answer. In other words if you ask someone " What were the contributing factors or circumstances which made you choose your profession" they can't answer by saying " Yes ".They have to talk. Thats gets things started and you follow along there,

Sadly friendship is dying, it's being taking over by me me me me ,by people either look at like you have three heads if you start a conversation, or you end up on one side just listening, they have no interest in you and give and take. When they're done talking and you're done listening, there's nothing else.

Be yourself, you have to feel comfortable about it and then it will start to flow, it will never flow if you try to force it.

i found myself talking when theres an interesting topic which i can contribute with. xD

That's the way and as you get to know those people your talking to you will find you feel more confident. The subjects will change but because you now know who your talking to you will continue to be involved.

How are things going now, have you been talking and getting involved

It's not how ling the conversation is ,,, it is the quality

yeah sort of.. but i rarely talk even in personal well it depends if that person is really close to mine.

I have a tendency to feel like I talk too much, but then there are those conversations where the other person does both sides of the conversation all for you lol.

haha! i know right? and slowly dissapear as the air blew you out from the picture. lol xD

i have the same problem :/

its not really a "problem" i just laughed at it. people will talk if they want to though :D

Same! I just end up piggy-backing off of their questions. I end up saying "And you?" for most of the conversation.

That's my point. It's all about them. And when they're done so is the so called conversation. That's not conversation, it's just talk.

hahaha! thats the lamest conversation. waiting for someone to ask first hahaha

What topic you want to talk.

Should my implants be bigger.

any topic with sense and good. lol idk :p

Your just over thinking it. Don't worry about what to say next just talk about what you want to talk about.

but the problem is it depends on my mood to which person i am goin to talk with :D

So what do you mean. If you talk to somebody that you think is cute you get nervous? Because that's normal as **** lol. Or when you talk to somebody that's funny or fun you think that your not funny enough? Because feeling intimidated sometimes is normal.

This changes everything. I wouldn't talk to you long either

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how then? :)

just say whote comes in you head fwiend baby michael glencoe2

Says it all

Well you just did start a conversation. :) Now to make it long, just reply. I don't mean to over simplify this if you are a shy person but just try it. You will find that many people are willing to continue the conversation and become friends.

lol. im not that Shy type of person. im just maybe anti social xD

Hmm I would suggest commenting on someone's post and do the bonding from there

i will and ill try. im hardly getting online though. :)