I don't want to hurt people but i don't know what i do wrong
MoriyaSuwako MoriyaSuwako
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Me too. And I still haven't figured it out except I think sometimes people want you to say something in particular and don't catch the drift. I've gotten better though and have many good friends. You will to.

Hah. Sorry. I do the same.
I talk to someone, and then they suddenly get mad at me for no reason. Then I would go over my conversation with the person see what did I say wrong or do wrong;.
Doesn't really helps but at least you know where they start getting angry.

i know how you feel :(

I'm just useless

im sure you're not.

You don't know me

no i dont but i know you're not useless. everyone has a purpose, it might just take awhile to find it.

I'm the worst person i know

what have you done that makes you think that?

You dont want to know

no i do.

Believe me, you don't

yeah, i do!

If you want to be sad for the rest of your life sent me a PM

a what?

Private Message

i cant. you wouldn't allow messages from under-age people.

Try to add me

can you just message me?

I tried

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