I didn't know love would hurt this much. I don't know what to do anymore :(
domopanda55 domopanda55
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sometime when you are in hurt you think you cant face ech morning .. you might thinking to give up but when you already move on with you you will be able to say to your self "how stupid i am before ?" you can make it girl :)

That's why everybody should spare love for themselves in any type of relationship.. and dont give all your love to this person.. I might sound stupid to you.. but I'm kinda speaking from experience and my mom's experience

I'm here for ya :)

Thank you, so am I. c:

I am afraid so. It I feel is the greatest pain you could ever feel. I am sorry that you are feeling such pain. I am still trying to deal with mine. If ever you need to talk or just need a friend, I would be honored.

Thank you c: