someone want talk with a littel stupit girl? ;-;
jassikitty jassikitty
18-21, F
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I love/hate when someone older than me describes themselves as "little", makes me feel small and sometimes cosy. XD, but anyway yep I'm up for chatting with a little, big girl.

right here friend i am available for you

I need to feel smart for a change, why not

You are definitely not stupid, I believe that every person can be a genius in their own way. Just because you can't do certain things doesn't mean that you are stupid, it just means that you haven't found what your a genius at yet ;)

Hunny, I highly doubt you're stupid but if you're feeling upset, I'm here for you

I didn't even realise you misspelled stupid till I read the comments =(
II'd love to talk with you but you're not stupid.. And I gotta sleep, but tomorrow maybe?

Damn I'm bad xD

Naw, but I'd talk with you if you like. ( :

You spelled stupid wrong

(I knew it was on purpose this is supposed to be a sarcastic-ish comment)

How stupid?

Sure, if you want.