A question for those in relationships ( not married yet): if your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you wheter you will abandon him/her or your favorite hobbie, what WOULD TELL THEM?b
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You're my favorite hobby... For now... o :

I'd have to LOL and say THATS A RHETORICAL QUESTION B/C THEY DONT COMPARE! And then I'd play soccer with her....and later do one of her hobbies together. <3

Someone that truly lives you shouldn't have to ask if you'd abandon them and on the hobby thing, no one that loves you should ever ask you to give something up that you enjoy. That is saying: I am jealous of what you do and want all of your attention, give it up now. Not worth being with someone like that.

Thanks, I want to make sure that is meant for either the guy or girl. Relationships are about being happy and building, not taking away or destroying to prove love.

I would pick my gf

Abandon her? But would u go and tell her that solidly?

No I would not abandon her

It might depend on the context. Did he/she say why?

Its just his hobby is his life- that i understood. But i just dont find it smart to compare it together and SAY the answer like that to a girlfriend...

What is his hobby?


Ok. No, don't be mad. Just be supportive. You're young, so once he gets older he will understand your role & that you help make him better at his hobby because of the support you show.

I dont know about that because he is older than me and i do understand that he has less logic lol. But i mean, i feel like a piece of sh*t, really... I forgave him, but i just feel unspecial, and when i was sad about it, he didnt really try to cheer me up. Go figure.

lol I understand what you mean. It takes them a bit longer to mature sometimes. He doesn't understand the role of a woman. If he did he never would have asked you this question. But try not to be upset. It really has no effect on how he feels about you, even if he thinks it does.

Thanj you>< however there are so many other things that he seemed to not care much of me in the past. I got so tired and we agreed to break up last night... He didnt even put an effort to hold me back. Lols

Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. Maybe he needed this reality check, it usually does more good than bad when people break up. We become too comfortable at times that we tend to forget how good we have it. Use this time to enjoy yourself & be very patient : )

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My girlfriend probably wouldn't ask me to do that, but I would abandon my hobby for her.

Thats what I answered. BUT Apparently i recceived the oppsite answer. And i wasnt the one who first asked the question. I guess i habe the reasons so be mad... Right?

Yea, you have reason to be happy you've split up with a ****. First sign of a bad relationship is someone who doesn't support your goals hobbies dreams. Its probably for the best.