I posted this somewhere else but I figured of try here as well.

I am married with one kid and a cat. Everything is fine in my personal life but not in my social life. Basically and this will sound pathetic I do not have any friends. I have plenty of superficial associates but not one genuine friend that I can talk to about anything or at any time of the day. I came to this site hoping that I would find one or two girls who I could chat with on a regular basis. Maybe or possibly something that will turn in to a bestfriend situation. If you are in the same situation as me please message me.

I need a bestfriend... Now
MarriedTerri MarriedTerri
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Hi, I'm 37 and i don't have social life neither i know some people but i don't hang out much with nobody. I feel sometimes is better that way.

I feel that way sometimes but I think it's be nice to have someone to go shopping with or go out to eat with or even go to the nail salon