There was this girl back in high school that was a grade lower than me. I had class with her twice, one in my sophomore year and one in my junior year. She and I have the same name. So in my sophomore year, I took French class. That's where we "met". Anyway, my French teacher always mixed us up because we both are Asian with the same first name. In the alphabet, I come before her. I don't know why but I always have a feeling like this girl never liked me. She always gave me dirty looks and always respond first when the teacher would call our name. I remind the teacher every time that there were 2 of us. (Meaning 2 people with the same first name.)
One time when I was giving my French presentation, she would keep talking to her friends while I present. The teacher obviously told her to stop and pay attention to the presenter.
As weeks past, I remember her gossiping to her friends about me how FAT and UGLY I was and about my hair. Why judge me when she didn't get to know me on the inside. But me witnessing and hearing all these things just made me don't want to get to know her.
In junior year, I took badminton class. And of course she saw me. So as the gym teacher called up people individually IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER to turn in our signed slips, I waited for my name to be called. Then when the teacher called my name, I went to their desk and handed them my paper. A few seconds later, the girl with the same name appeared behind me. I was like "dude, seriously, do you not know your alphabet? You obviously saw me down here before you came." But of course I didn't say that out loud! It would start a fight. I know how much of a ***** she is just by looking at her and the way she acts and speak. So I walked away.
A few weeks into badminton class, I happen to walk A LITTLE bit on some else's court while their game was still going because I was going to get my birdy that fell on the edge of their box. So the girl with the same name as me saw me because she was sitting out and yelled at me "get of their court, you dumbass!" But of course I ignored it and acted as if I didn't hear anything. I know what I was doing and where I was going, she had no reason to yell at me and absolutely no damn reason to call me a dumbass.
Oh and also, we took the same bus to school, although she doesn't do anything or say anything about me because SHE HAVE NO FRIENDS IN OUR BUS. But she would give me some mean looks, not a lot.
So up to this day, I have completely forgotten about this devil. Until now, all of a sudden she just came up in my head and the thought of her angered me. I hope I don't run into that bitchy devil. Those ugly looks she be giving me and the words she said behind my back. I honestly think this girl just doesn't like me because we HAVE the same name. Like really? Grow up please, you're not the only one in this world with that name, and you're certainly not the only *****.
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Aug 16, 2014