So, today my mother went a huge tangent about how I should be a lawyer or the president and lead a revolution. It's not the first time I ever heard things like this, I actually don't remember all the times. My old history teacher said something about me changing the world and other teachers also. It always made me feel kinda weird, like why me and I have a plan for my future to an extent. I want to be a writer and an artist professionally and own my own company. I want to make it as big as Disney and so very different than anything out. I have the best story to be written in my brain and after that anything is possible. If I have time for that maybe I will do something about it when I'm older, but I want to change the world through writing and pictures. I don't know why they want to make me the one to lead anything of the sort and I know I could do it. It's not what I want at the moment though. I'm not to concerned with this world's problems. I can help people out, but I would rather make a difference my own way. For the most part the world is all messed up and I know people who try and change it die. If anything like that happened I guess I wouldn't care it would be my time to die, but I would have to be smart about it. Right now all I want to do is write a story that will help those who are down and draw godly artwork. Not trying to sound conceited or anything, but if you put as much effort into something and don't give up then anything is possible.
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plus like ur pic

what can I say I did it to my sons wanted them to be the best and strongest but in time learned to accept who thy are so hang in there

Thanks, I guess parents want some change and want it from there kids.

like I was trying to live my over again through them

That makes sense, but it's not possible.

belive me I know but that is a sorry thing to do to ur kids

It's not just my mom it's teachers and friends too, but I'm set in my ways :)

ok that's wrong


no its good to have a set of standers but to push them on others

oh ok

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