Hi. I'm new in here. I'm from Asian and I love making new friends. I'm still studying and practicing English a lot. I now live in Minnesota, US. I'm a senior in high school this year and still preparing for a promising as well as hopeful future. Help me if you care! Thanks. My skype name is mailinhbanhu1997 (sorry it's an Asian nickname)
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Wishing you all the luck and happiness you deserve in your new life here in the states. What part of the Asian islands are you from ? Minnesota is a lovely place, been to quite a few cities there.

I'm from Vietnam, the South eastern part. Thank you! It's really nice of you to say so. Yeah, it is.

Ah ok, i havent been to that part, I have been to korea, japan and china so far, im a traveler I have been threw all the states here, seen so many lovely places and met so many nice and wonderful people as well.

I like travelling as well ^^ come to my Vietnam and I'm sure it'll not waste your time ^^

Oh i am sure it wont lots of culture there to see and im sure great people to get to know too, i know a family here from there, really nice people to know.

That's good ^^

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Good luck ya dear!! 😊

Thanks dear!! :)

Hi welcome to EP... And you live in Minnesota? I have a cousin that lives in Minneapolis. I'll be your friend

Thanks :) okay add me and we can talk

Good for you. Good luck with your endeavors.

Thanks ^.^

How long have you lived in Minnesota?

I took a study trip 7 months ago to Minnesota :)

Cool, what are you studying?

I'm still in high school but I would like to research about Human Biology

Wow, to do what? Teach?

No, I wanna be a doctor when I get older :)

An infinitely admirable goal. So what's Minnesota like? I've never been.

It's beautiful but quiet. I've not been so far to see the whole state because I've spent most of the time studying at home

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