I cared about him but he is not even mine :)
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I know how u feel, my heart has been broken so many times i lost count

Dear, thank you for understanding :)

I'll talk to anyone in need of an ear... unless your psychotic! Then it's strictly sex! lol!

same situation. i feel so lonely. wen we make love, i end up crying because reality hits, its all for now.. he is very liikely to end up going back to her..and we would be a sweet love affair that has no place in existence.

I felt the exact same way. Except the guy I thought I would never get to call mine is now mine. The problem is that I feel the love we make is still the only closeness I have to him. His communication skills are awful and I already feel depressed enough. I never volunteer to tell him how I feel because now that I do have him I don't want to run him away with my problems. When he asks for the love I just give it to him and enjoy it while containing my emotions.

There are alot good guys out there, they say :)
Stay strong dear

lol you need to listen to the song ''sweet thing''. by chaka khan

I'll go check it out anyways :)

Aww this happens.. we generally speaking are a caring lot,, prone to falling in love... I don't know what has happened but this isn't going to be easy for you.. you are going to have to take some time to heal and accept.

Yes, it sure does :)
But time will wash away the pain?


Here to talk if you wish

Hi, can we chat in msg? (:

Yes indeed message me when you like to

I know that feeling all too well.

He is near to me, and sometime I can reach him, but he will never be mine (: those feelings jus.. Cant describe

All that means is that there is someone better. ;) Men are a dime a dozen just wait! You will find your love I promise!!

You're right! Thank you dear!
You too yeah! Wish you all the best :)

I know the feeling I care for someone and she isn't mine but luckily she cares for me but it can sadly never be I am feeling your pain.

Same feelings :)
Wish you all the best my fren

Message me

Did you fall for someone you shouldn't have?


Happened to me recently. Leaves you heartbroken. Right?

True (:

why not!!
msg me!!