I don't get people here at all. They are in this group but when I try to talk they never reply. I don't get them at all. Anyway I hope you are all doing good. Don't be a stranger. You are always welcomed to talk.
LoveU54321 LoveU54321
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Hey Im here to listen if u need a friend to vent or talk to or u want advice from someone who truly understands. Xo

Hi thanks. Same for you. I am here

Dm if you want

Okay I wil

Yeah people here can be as indifferent as people in reality...

True true

Or simply some people like me go to work places in Alaska and can be without internet access for up to six months straight.

But you don't go without saying

True enough.


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Know what you mean! I don't wanna friend for a day, I want a FRIEND

That's the same thing I want. People just disappear a lot here. Weird

Like they say ohh ya I need a friend! (But just today when I'm too bored)

Haha yeah that's what they are probably thinking

They just don't show up even more than disappear

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