I feel like my mom don't care about me. Whenever I'm in pain physically or mentally, she doesn't let me recover from it. She makes me suffer more. And when she's in pain, I don't torture her, I let her rest, etc. Not just that but she loves to gossip to relatives. She makes me look like a loser and a bad daughter. Sometimes I want to smack the hell out of her, but she's my mom. :/
And what comes out of my mouth when we communicate, she always misunderstands it even though I made it very very simple and clear.
Sometimes she **** the **** out of me and I tell her to leave me alone. She doesn't understand how I feel. And when we're mad at each other, she would always wish the worse for me. Words that a mother should NOT say to a daughter. Ever..
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I am not sounding mean. Don't ever let people break you. Yes they can make you suffer or what ever. But you see what matters most is how you deal with the pain or suffer they inflicted upon you and don't let those people affect you or get to you in any way

Im here to listen if u need a friend to vent or talk to or u want advice from someone who truly understands. Xo

I Really feel sorry for you and wish I could do something you help, but all I can do is give you a little advice. If you can go see a therapist, the other alternative is move out if you can afford it, and REMEMBER, if you ever need to talk, message me, LOVE and hugs Sweet Charlene

We should talk

im willing to talk to you . woow after reading your experience i cant really say ur mom is a good mother but you should tell her that the way she is treating you is making you feel miserable and i hope she understands