How to get over someone you love ? He doesn't care anymore he wasn't attached like I was and the pain is killing me !
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4 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Hi Hun it's okay I went through the same thing. You deserve someone who can't imagine their life without you! Someone who will fight for you if he is not then it's not true love and you will find that elsewhere

The pain is caused by imagining a life without him. Try to shut ur mind and stop ur imagination. Go do ur normal routine and after a week or so, u won't feel sad anymore.

OR over imagine it and u will become insensitive towards the pain . Keep thinking about the life without him and ur brain will be used to the pain.

Being left behind is painful than leaving.. My ex told me he will not go back and asked if i can ignore him or block him to make him feel better (but i did not) coz he does not want to be in our relationship anymore. I did not beg for him to go back even though i want him back. Im struggling on coping up and still crying if i remember him but i have to move on. I just cry and keep thinking good thoughts. Begging for a day i will be over this :)

I've been there before. Unfortunately the only thing that will take the pain away is going to be time. 😔