I'm going through a hard time with school and friends and would really like some help. I don't quite know what to do but it would be great if someone can lend a hand. I'm also willing to listen if you want to talk.
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I'll help you

If you wanna talk,i'm here

Hello, you can approach me if you need any help, advice or just need someone to talk to

School isn't the only place to make friends...think outside of school?

I do have friends out of school, but the ones I'm closest to are at school and right now I feel a million miles away from them

Well you didn't mention anything about close friends if they're that far txt/call them from time to time

Close friends as in best friends, not distance. I live close to them but I feel alone as if they're far away

Do what I do & sleep it off. Eventually you'll have plenty of time to socialize

I don't think you understand what I was trying to say in the original post

When in misery, sleep it off :)

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