but then, I'm scared that they might find me I'm boring and nothing special -.-
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Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

What you are is beautiful. I would never accept you being boring. Very fun more like it. :)

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Well I'm checking out your profile and you're actually pretty damn funny so I doubt people would think that, and if they do, they're the stupid ones :)

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Not a chance. If anyone thinks you are boring then they are not really your friend. I am sure you have much to contribute to a conversation and if you fell awkward at times that is fine. That is normal an please do not think any different. Guess what! I am not board and think you are special. So cheer up. :)

Everyone is special. Some people's lives maybe boring compared to others, but that's just a point of view. It's how you want to live and if you feel special that counts. Not someone else's idea.