Am abit confussed my boyfriend took done girl out but said he never paid for her he said he was messed up and wanted to sleep with her but she saying he took her out on a few dates
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This happened with my friend, only his girl was the one who was "cheating." I DO NOT MEAN HE WAS CHEATING. That's the best word I could think of. He is honest, so that's good.

What u mean Honset ?

Well, he told u the way he felt about what he did. I guess it's up to you to decide whether that is all he did.

I no so if it Wernt kist that I don't think he would of
Told me that

Can you just sleep with someone and not like them

I think that's possible, yes. But that's my thoughts. People are different

Do u think it bad

Sometimes people need what they need to make them happy on that moment. Relationships can be tough, you're both risking trust and giving another person control of a big part of u, and sometimes that's too much for people. But it's not whether it's bad or not that matters, your opinion is what matters, it's your choice, don't let someone make your decision

I no hve it the past

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