Sure is a lot of women on here where are all the men ? Can't a girl get some positive male attention?
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ok i'm here

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I'm up for that!

Hi there! What attention do you need?

I'I'm new to this wor

I'm a guy, and I'll talk to whoever. But I'll be honest, I'm mostly interested in the conversations related to deep thinking, I like to talk about space ****, but that section seems to be dry right now soon exploring

ok, how was your day?

Not on the this site! Attention yes, positive...

Sure sure! Feel free t leave me a message.




I see you have Positively attracted male attention.

hellllllllooooooooooo most of the women on here are men or tv's

Do male Ostriches count?

I'm always open to talk whenever you want, haha.

most of the 'women' ARE men....

I'm sure they'll be enough fellas here for you. Come to the right place.

Would love to chat and share more with you. Add or send me a message.

You chin is quite scary

Pick me! Pick me! I'm better than everybody else here!
I'm just kidding guys, take it easy!

I love meaningful conversation and always ready for a pep talk

Hey, How are you ?
Sure men do have attention to positive lady

hey, fancy a chat?

Hi, There is a lot of men. you want to do little more search

I'm in the UK, don't know what the time difference is but I'm free pretty much every weekday evening :)

Add me if you like

Well, I've messaged could these of girls, I've tried to keep the convo up but only few selected still talk with me today. Those who do, know who they are and I love talking with my friends ;D
So if you want my attention it's beyond easy, all you have to do is talk with me and help me keep the convo alive xD

Here somewhere, btw, in a very good cook ;)


You'll get a lot of male attention here, it might not necassarily be the kind you want though

I was just thinking that. :P Not that the female attention's not great, but I'm totally outnumbered. XD

tadaaaaaa.!!!! . here comes me .. i am O+... :)

Hey, what's up?

If you are old enough to remember John Lennon be assassinated, Pac-man being released or Mount Saint Helens erupting, this post is not for you. Please leave the path and continue upon your journey. Have a pleasant day.

Happy Monday !!

Men sleep later lolso how are ypu today

well okay hi :) :P

now you will get bombarded with male messages. lol

Apparently we are horny homing pigeons. I just hope im not that desperate when I get that age.

Guys older than the 80s, vacate the post premises immediately. Security is on it's way.

Yea..they can get. ^_^

hello lady

Hey, how are you doing this morning?

I am here to talk that's if you still want to chat

Talk about what? Post it.

Absolutely. What can I do for you this fine day, pretty lady?

I am on, I would be happy to chat with you.