I can't handle being human anymore. I'm so tired I don't even know what to say anymore.. and I just feel so alone
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I'm alone too. But somehow I embrace and make it great. I don't know how I do it an I definitely cannot explain it, but just focus on heat makes YOU happy. If you are lonely then u shouldn't feel bad about focusing on yourself and not them. I cannot tell u what to do in order to be happy in 20 years. But I can say that I u live each moment based on what makes you happy, then before u know it, you'll be happy in 20 years.

I have the same feeling.I have been feeling that way for a minute but never knew what it was until now. I have gotten to the point where the old things that I yearned for and strived for no longer matter to me. I don't want romance anymore. I hate my Job. I'm tired of pretending. It takes so much just to be human that it's tiresome.

I know how you feel. I am sorry you feel that way. :( Medicine used to help me and therapy but then after awhile it doesn't help. Hugs and Peace <3

What is it that you're finding hard to handle these days? Do you mean you're physically tired? In my experience lack of sleep can be the source of all kinds of troubles. As for the feeling alone, I think I know how you feel man. I've been there.

The type of tired I am is a different kind few understand as they have to be a certain type of person to be able to. It's a tiredness that no sleep can fix and it dwells in all levels of being on a mental physical and spiritual level.I yearn to find others who really understand. The thing's I'm dealing with now are very complex so much so that I have no control over them only powers greater than me do.. Only they can make things right..

You can talk to me if you want.. As far as I know I'm very open to different things..

YES. Lack of sleep is terrivle

...as I look to the clock... 6:46!!!!!!

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