I have had a dirty secret that I don't know if I need to tell my wife or not. On the weekends we usually invite our friends over for drinks and just friendly gatherings. Well ever since high school when my best friend and myself get drunk around each other I always seem to end up giving him a *******. No one knows about this and it's never happened sober and I definitely don't look at guys that way. Should I just keep hush about this or come clean to my wife?? Help please!
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Unless she'd find out herself somehow no don't tell her. She gets hurt and confused, your hurt and confused. Telling her is just giving misery it's company it's selfish to cause you'll feel better she'll feel worse

Agree. But in addition, could u plz try to stop it? Stop having any physical contacts with anyone else but ur wife.

Also a very strong point

unless for some reason you think she will like that kind of behavior, I would suggest stop doing it, keep your mouth shut and move on.

Depending on the rules you and your wife have she's likely to consider this behaviour as cheating. When it comes down to it, it's probably best to tell her about it and be honest. If you don't the guilt will start to slowly eat away at you and will begin to affect your relationship with her. Another option is to end this behaviour with your friend. I do hope the act is consensual.

If this is really bothering you I say tell her. If you explain I'm sure she'll understand :)