I know every family has issues and I have been trying to figure out why my husband is so much harder on my daughter. I have four kids which none out his ,3 boys and 1 girl. My 8 year old daughter and him both disrespect each other and I have tried with both of them.his answer for everything is I'm done with it I don't care next thing she's going to a girls home and honestly her behavior really isn't that bad.Her main problem with him is back talk which I have 0 tolerance for. They both have me in a bad position an I love them both very much but when it comes down to it all if I had to choose id choose my child over all this in a heart beat . All of this is making me miserable and hurting me every emotion possible in feeling except happy of course..Am I wrong to choose my kid if I was opted to ?What are ways I can try to get them to see eye to eye?
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Well a mother usually sides with there child but you need to realize that a man sees his woman as his support. So if your daughter is back talking to your husband then you need to side with him. It would take time for them to get along because men usually arent good at handling kids specially those who are about to enter puberty, ull need to keep counseling both of them and the best way to do that would be to seat them in front of each other and let them talk, in the begining it would be hard because both will be furious but once they realize that u cant abandon either of them they would start coming to a common ground and then make compromises on their part which would result in resolution of conflict