Whenever I see love around people, how love make them happy,how love always end well for them! I cry and cry and cry , my heart melts, I cry from the inside!! The worst thing is that I never wish to be happy like that , not because I don't want to but because it's impossible ! I will always love you even you will never love me even for a sec! I wonder how I'll be like? I have always wished to dream about me holding your hand and you telling me you love me! Just to see how happy It would make me feel but It never happened!! What I do I think about it and I cry just after because I know it will never happen! I'm so sorry that I love you💔💔💔💔💔💔😖😭😌😔😣😩😖 I wish I could stop it to make you happy but I'm sorry that I failed to give you that joy!! One thing I wish you is to never never love someone who won't love you back, may anyone you love or like love you back, may all pain comes to me! I want to cry your pain so that you love a happily forever life!! And just so you know!! I'll always be there for you, ready to do anything you wish even you will never love me!! And if by chance in 80years coming you love me, don't even think twice about it!! My heart is just made for you so even after 80years I will waiting and so so happy to achieve my only goal, my only one wish!!
Romyyy Romyyy
22-25, M
Aug 19, 2014