I'm a guy who lives a perfect life, everything I ever wanted in life I have it and I'm so thankful! But it's true that we can't have all we want their will be always something missing!!! I have been given everything except love!! I think I'll survive
Romyyy Romyyy
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Are you sure ? I feel like I couldn't live without love even if I had everything in the world.

It hurts so much, that I'm sure I will always love someone who will never love me back!! So i love with it until I die! Worst way to live but it's not like I have a choice

I have been in lots of relationships just to see if I can love again but I failed, so I wonder how it feels to love someone who loves you back!

I always wondered the same, to be honest. I am someone who gets attached very easily, and I always end up getting hurt, because I'm ugly and no one can love me.

Never say that , each pair a shoes have it's own leg! I get attached vet easily to! But that version is only mine!! Everyone can love and be loved except me!

Haha, stop being so hard on yourself !

It's not being hard! It's a fact ! Love always end well for others, people tell you how it was once bad and now good but no one ever told me that they loved someone for almost 9years now who never loved them Bach and the worst thing never loved you even as a friend , not because I'm mad or something but because she wants it that way(words said by her)

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