Impossible is unrequited love!
If you had a chance and it became possible please never let it go!
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I have a chance and I'm losing him because he can't handle my kids...I waited to long to go after him:( It's the most painful feeling I've ever felt

I'm so sorry if what you are going through but I'm here if you wana talk about it! I know how it feels

He can't seem to share me with my kids...he left angry last night because one woke up while we were in the middle of "adult time" and I had to stop and take care of the situation.,..he said it was ****** up that I stopped. I told him it would be even more ****** up if the kids saw what we were doing....he's barley talked to me today....he only sees his side if the story

I think you did and reacted in a mature way and that's what in parent would do in a situation like that! I think his wrong and he will realize it and do something about it

We got back from a week long road trip with all three kids (5,4,2)...and it was too much for both of us. His idea and he paid (I am not working right now)...we both been on edge and fighting a lot since we got back...I am beginning to think he either needs space or he's realizing he doesn't want the family life with me and my kids. He also works a very stressful job. I just don't want to lose him...too me 13 years to get him. I just feel it's never going to workout no matter how hard I work on my situation. You can't make someone happy if they are not a happy person. I will never give up on him....even though I should. He doesn't always treat me right...and I'm an idiot for even living him


You are not an idiot person! Not even close! You are just a wonderful and amazing woman! Who love and cares for his man!! You are everything a man wish to have in his life!! You did all your best and if he's not satisfied with all you do, with all your sacrifices! If he can't see that he's the one stupid

He's a coward. He likes being free and bar hopping...he has a steady job but no responsibilities...he rents a room out if his parents house because he's never home anyways...he's a child. He literally turns into a insecure bipolar middle school boy when he drinks....I really deserve some one who can love me the right way but I can't move on from him. When I met him I didn't even know him and it was this instant connection. I was always too scared to talk to him because of the age difference and he was totally opposite of me. But our paths would cross over the years...we moved to the same place around the same time...I would even have random dreams about him when I want thinking about him at all (was married to someone else) I can't just ignore all that. I am patient and kind and try to understand all his pain that he carries with him....It's just exhausting to always feel ur relationship could end any minute cause he's tired of u and the kids. And then the next minute he tells you he loves you more than anything. So I rain faithful and patient...I just hope I'm not wasting my time

Sorry to go all off on you...I'm totally alone in this

It's ok! Is that guy normal? Your a perfect woman! You give Hun everything! ask him what he wants? You give Him all your love! What is more important than that! You can't more than what you are doing! Love is a precious that's why you can't just give it to anyone ! You have to choose very wisely! Or you get hurt so damn ****** much

No he's not normal. I don't like normal...I'm not normal either. I suffer from depression and an eating disorder....also a lot of verbal and physical abuse when I was younger. I guess that's why I can handle him. he thinks he is normal...he calls me a wacko all the time when he drinks and a dumb ***** because I'm not as world smart as him. The thing that makes me the maddest is that he is one way about a subject when he's sober but when he drinks the truth comes out. Sometimes I wonder if it's the low life friends he hangs out with when he goes out. I am holding on by my nails with him because I've seen him be the man I know he can be. I feel like he is at war within himself with what he wants. I can def relate to that with the eating disorder. I am scared I'm making a mistake and it's gonna affect my kids....and on the other hand I believe you don't give up on someone because of their ugly side. We all have one. I've only told you the negative parts....he has a whole lot more good in him than bad....but it just rips me apart when it's bad. I feel broken

A man that can't do everything it takes to make a woman happy is it not in in love! Because a man I love would die just to see you smiling and if you don't see that in him he doesn't deserve you at all!! And he's not a good thing in the future of your kids ! They need to grow in a place of love , happiness and care ! Not the opposite! I'm sorry if I'm rude

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