I need counselling . I've always had problems my whole life. Been through so much and I tried to be fine and not talk about it by blocking people from getting too close. My friends will always say "I'm moody, I'm bi-polar" but I'm not that bad. Everyone knows I'm a little out there and I try not to bug people with my problems but recently I just been told that maybe counselling will be a good thing and honestly I think it will
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Go see a counsellor. If you don't like that one get another. Sometimes they help you through a situation, but I generally find I'm left remembering a phrase or two that really resonate with me & I carry that forward with me. There's nothing to lose by seeing one. Its purely to better yourself & your life & that's admirable.

Depends on who you talk to, but for me counseling was just someone to talk to, who understood and tried to lead you in the right direction. But most of all just someone who listens and asks questions. Anyone who you are close to can be that person for you if you let them, and they are patient

That's the thing I can't talk yo my mom about it and I heave a few friends but I can fully talk about everything with them

That's true, a lot easier to talk to strangers than people who know you. BUT it's a lot more rewarding if you do manage to get through to the people close to you. In fact it changes your life.

It might. I just don't wanna seem like I'm bugging everyone or be that person that's constantly talking about their problems. I hate showing weakness to people because I feel I always have to hide my emotions

Your family can be the most important people you meet your whole life, depending on how much you open up. Trust me if you keep closed down, you will end up alone, even if you have friends. People will only get close to you if you do the same for them. Weakness is when we try to hide, strength is knowing we can take the pain if something goes wrong.

Wow thz. It's so hard to talk to my mom and my family is mess up I can't talk to them. The only people is friends maybe but I'll try to open up

good to hear
if it gets worse you can always
focus on your own life more
and leave them out of it
but if you do your best, you won't have any regrets I think.

Thank you. I'll do my best

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talk, u have my ear

I tried counseling once, and honestly, I don't know if the counselor was bad or I was, but it seemed like they just wanted their cash and me outta there! But I'm sure they're better where you are, and it's a good idea to try! You can also talk to me, if you like :'3

I'm so use to hiding my feeling and bottling everything up. I don't want my friends to see my pains idk. I'm always "fine" n it's hard to talk to them about that