Anyone wanna talk? No dirty conversations please, I just genuinely need somebody to talk to me.
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u wont find many real human beings on earth people r just so fake so u need to hurry ...

You can message me if you want. :) nothing dirty

What's on your mind ?

okay! i'm here!! i'm willing to listen to u.

hi how are you just a guy dealing with my own problems love to chat

You're post has really helped many people meet others eh? So cool! :)

Talking tom is best

You can talk to me too :)

how are u I'm happy I just got a good job and haven't had vehicle in awhile bought a used one this week blessed

yes I will I'm a great listener

I wouldnt mind speaking with you message me :)

Feel free to msg me i am open for a chat anything you wanna talk about its always good to have someone who will listen and not judge you :)

I am open for chat :)

i can talk. whatever topic u choose. be it divorce, family reunion or sin of pride. i can share my exp. with all of u. i can call in.

How old are you?


I'm open for a chat, what ever you want to talk about I'll lend an ear c:

Thank you darling, that would be nice.

Awesome, I'll PM you?

pls do

How is your day?

Having a bad day, depression.

Weird, tough day.

in what way?

Where are you from? I'm in the uk

Me too

Where in the uk are you? I'm in Cambridge

do tell