Have you ever liked somebody a lot but felt crazy when you realized you don't know their name , And they don't know yours .
Iamalostcause Iamalostcause
22-25, M
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Yep. Been there before. :)

So it's natural that I feel like a complete nut case ? Lol

I guess so. Or you could just go with what you feel for the person. I guess in the end it is whatever makes you happy. :)

Lol true , can I add you?

Yes of course. :)

Lol you're a happy person aren't you ? :P

I try to be. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to be happy, otherwise life will be a cruel and hard road. Like they say, sometimes you just have to laugh or you will cry, so I force myself to laugh when I can. Makes you feel better and doesn't smear makeup. lol :)

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