I want a BEST friend someone I can talk to daily and tell everything to. I just idk I want that connection I've never had.
SkollHati SkollHati
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014


🙅🏼 ah my gosh I love you

So many of your first posts were like this haha love you too😘

I knowwwww 😬 gah

Oh well bruh it's otay💁🏼

I used to feel the same way but I never expressed it lol

Just remembered I dreamed about you and **** was crazy

Last night? What happened?

Aliens bombed us lol

Why us😠

Lol we lived tho! I kicked major *** lol but we got separated 😕 then I try to find you

Did you find me?

I woke up before I did I was working on it tho

But then how do ya know I was alive?

Cause you got teleported out before the bombs came lol

What the fuuuuuck

lol but I didn't cause I was still sprinting to you when you got away

Why did I get teleported

Because the bombs were coming down lol I was supposed to too but I wasn't on the same thing as you and wanted to run to you so I was on yours but I didn't make it in time


Ya I didn't like that part lol

Were the aliens teleporting us or who was doing dat

Humans were lol to escape

Okay I getcha. I'll come back for you💁🏼

I told you where to meet me lol I knew ya would

Good lets hope my dumbass finds the way

Lol you would

If ya say soooo

For sure

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