When you ask someone are they pretty and they go she was allright what does that mean
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Very hard to tell from that amount of info, were you asking about yourself or about someone else? But either it means they were too uncomfortable to answer honestly or don't really think that person was attractive. Sorry, hope that helps.

It was about someone esle

Sounds like he's trying to awkwardly tell you that he liked her... but not that much. Are you seeking a relationship with him? or are you just friends?

How does it ?

I am in a relsonship with him

Ah then I would take it as a good thing. He's probably trying to protect your feelings by making you think she wasn't actually that attractive to him. Hopefully he tells you, that you are more than alright. :)

He tel me am is world and I am guwjus do u think that should like he though she was nice or she was kisy saying she was better than the other girl he sleep with

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That simply means you're not HIS type, it does not mean you are not mean beautiful. Someone else will think you are the most gorgeous creature he's ever seen.

I ask my boyfriend this about a girl he sleep with

Oh I see, maybe she's pretty maybe she's not. But don't compare yourself to her. That doesn't help anyone :)

What u think here when he said this

When he said what?

I asked him to the 2 ppl he sleep with is nice and he said one was fat and I said was the other one nice and he said she was alright but I asked him again and he said no I don think she nice I was kisy sayin she is better than the other one

It's normal to be curious about his past, but those relationships are over. Now he is with you and that's what matters. Don't stress yourself out worrying about his exes

I no but he's always said no I did not like her or think she nice it was jusr sex

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It means that person is not interested in you.

But not in all cases, sometimes guy is shy kind of and guys like me always hide their feelings so we said she was Allright.

I ask my boyfriend this abouta girl he sleep with


Ohhh then im definitely sure.. He likes her because he dont want to say truth about her as you are his girlfriend. And if he say she is not good or something then it is fine but he say she was alright means something cooking between them.

Ask his email password or fb or phone msgs.. Everything will be clarify I guess

This was ages ago ...

Ahahaha and you are worrying now? .. You are amzing

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a little better than average

Sooo what like

idk a 6 or 7