If my boyfriend looks up ppl he know on Facebook is that bad ??
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talk only with your beloved

forget about who your bf looks up, look up your own ppl. maybe you and bf can share.

...are we going through this again?

If you aren't careful, your boyfriend will get fed up with you incessant, overly clingy ways.

Don't worry about it at all!

Unless he has a history of cheating....on anyone. That would be the only reason to be worried.

No never

Then don't worry about it. Trust him!

It depends on his intentions. My wife doesn't care what I do online because I tell her everything I do and we have a very strong relationship. Truth and honesty is the foundation for any relationship. Once it falters, it's hard to gain it back so in my opinion, hiding things such as feelings shouldn't be done if you want security in your relationship.

He just said bein nosey and curoies

If that's the case, then I really wouldn't worry about it ;)

Hiding things from someone you are in a genuine relationship with is disrespectful in my opinion… To create a strong bond you must have trust and honesty

It's not necessarily bad, but if he's been pushing you away and he's only looking up women... that might be something to talk about. Maybe he's just trying to check in on old friendships?

That all he said he was doin

No sweetie. Facebook is a pass time. It's social media. We see what others we know are doing in their lives. Only thing it shouldn't be consuming his every minute. Are there problems with your relationship that make you concerned? Does he give you the attention you need? I'm asking because other issues may be causing you to react this way. If it's just the facebook thing than stop worrying. As long as he gives you what you need. Nobody wants to lose their love but trying to cage him too much will drive him away. My girlfriend is Russian and has two facebooks, one russian and one here. Try to relax a little in your relationship. Keep an eye on how he treats you. That's what matters most.

He gives me everuthing he kisy tels me he's never intersted in any other girls and that made me feel like he was

Isn't that kind of the point of facebook?

You let him feel you up...do now what...