I was really scared of growing up before my 18th birthday,I figure it will be ok after my birthday, my b-day was two days ago and now I am terrified :(
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u v.irgin?

Getting older wasn't one of the things that I asked for, especially at 40, 50, 60, ahhh, what the hell its a cool trip man.

Why are you so afraid?

I know how it feels, i wish you the best..hope it gets better with time which it will:)

Everyone's telling you everything is going to be alright, but in reality life isn't perfect. You 20s can be tough. It's a time of self exploration. You learn who you really are as you finally get to really explore without hindrance. Sometimes it can be really difficult to come to terms with. Or you can just become very confused. But it can also be an absolutely glorious time. Embrace who you are and what adventures you will have in life as an adult (congratulations!).

It is hard to accept the reality that once High School is over, you start your real life. The decisions you make thereafter affects things you do. The first scary part is the life options you are required to make, do I continue with my education or join the work force etc... it's a scary world out there especially if you are just starting out. Just try to keep positive and believe in your choices. Life only gets harder but in the long run, it's the experiences you encounter along the way that will help.

Happy birthday! Word of advice hun don't spend your days worrying about the inevitable and enjoy everyday as if it were your last :)!

Don't be scared, you're so young and have a lot of wonderful years to look forward to. I'm 32 miserable and lonely... that's terrifying. I'd give anything to be 18 again. :D

I hope everything turns out fine for me and for you :D

Gain some weight, it will make you feel confident and older

:) my weight couldn't be more perfect :D

I'm sure that is true, however being just plesantly chubby can give you a new outlook on life!