When i walk in public, i often say hi to people that walk past me, to start a conversation, but they dont even respond and keep on walking.

Last night, i went out with some friends to the cinema and it was quite cool. We saw the movie: RoboCop.

We took the bus back home (my home) and went messing with each other (like hitting and stuff). We finally decided to make old people who are wandering outside a bit mad with talking to them about crazy things....

So here we went. We imediately found a old coulpe, arm in arm, walking next to the bus perron. We asked them to the way to the bus stop. They were like: The bus stop is next to us, like 5 feet. We said: Yes, we know, but how do we go there? They said: Walking maybe: And we said: Ok, and walked away and they stared at us untin we passed 2 blocks.

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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Dude, thats pretty freakin funny. Messing with old people is a time honored tradition.

thing is, most people are afraid of what they don't know i.e. a random stranger saying hi to spark a conversation. It's weird and all too common unfortunately.

they mostly try to sell something eventually.. so it's not that weird.

It is really a fear of something wrong happening. Happened to me a day ago - wrote in my experience so yeah.

TIL there's a new robocop movie out there! thanks! :)