All my friends are off taking care of their responsibilities. That means I am very bored now. If you are even slightly amusing or interesting, please comment or message. "You know what's a funny word? Pickleweasel!" Can you tell me what show that came from?
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lol Pickleweasel ... love it, gonna have to use it!

Yes! Spread the word. 2 yrs from now, I expect it to be the most used word in the language.

Handyman sounds like what a confused transvestite would call herself on a creepy dating site

I guess I wouldn't know, I don't spend time on dating site. Unlike some peope apparently.


Lol I did like that.

That is a funny word!

I know! I have been saying that to myself for years and I still giggle. I mean I laugh. A very manly laugh.

And I know what show this is from too. Lol.


That 70's show.

Yes! Thank you. We can be friends!


I have never seen an actor accomplish stupid that well before. Kelso may be my favorite.

I know! That show was a riot!

Yes yes! I have all the seasons. Randy is ok but I missed Eric. I am glad they never had to replace others.

Hate when shows replace the original characters. Changes the feel of the entire show.

I know, its like the show skips a beat and never picks it back up. Terrible shame. Though they could have done worse with Randy.

So true!

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