When you want to cry and tears don't fall
When you want to shout but all you got is silence
When you want to talk but all you got is no one to hear and no one to hold
Lonelybrokenangel95 Lonelybrokenangel95
22-25, F
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Be patient, keep your life go on and you will benefit from your past experience.
Do something new , like fitness club or ....

I am here dear please let me know if I can help

What's wrong, who or what has come with great pain for you to bare.

What is wrong? I will listen if you wish to talk.

The name Hifaa sounds like an arab

A hot Arab

So what? Arab or not im a broken person who needs help

What is it sweetie?

I was just trying to make u smile because u got something goin for u !

How can I help convince u u aren't broken??

What is it sweetie?

Just broken and torn

Why? I need to know if I am to help u...

Are you searching for meaning in your life ??



Don't search - just be

I know how you feel, I'm sorry u feel this way.

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