It's funny, i'm a pretty positive person when it comes to everything. I listen to peoples problems, help them when they need it. Provide comfort through anything they need. Yet i get nothing in return for being so strong for myself and others. Sure i feel great doing these things, but my friends and family just take it for granted... even i have off days. Weird if anyone would consider that. This would be one of those days...
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I'm sure they are grateful :) I am

D'awwe shucks

I know how you feel. No one really expects me to need someone there for me too . Like I'm human too :/

People are selfish. I've definitely experienced this.

Give up - your Canadian

No need to be insensitive sir

What is that supposed to mean?

I know how that feels like. There comes a time when you just shell up after so much time keeping everything to yourself that one does not even know how to express the need to be heard for once.

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