I think I have a horrible roommate... She's from Tennessee and talks like a dumb bimbo. I looked at her profile and she is in a twerk team. She looks like all she does is party and sounds all drugged up. God I hope she isn't as bad as she seems...
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Maybe you can ask her is she a fan of Vampire Fantasys, there have been people who **** with wild abandon and dance like sex slaves and yet have genius level IQs and read science fantasy novels.

Well, I don't think so... and and I hope she doesn't do any of that in the room while I'm around...

Well it is part her room too.

sure, but I don't want no orgys in my dorm, I'd like go next door to my dorm advisor and get her kicked out. I don't want sex going on while i'm there.

*chuckles* yep that could hinder you.

yeah XD no one wants to see some ***** getting it on in your room, I could never understand those people who have sex with there roommate in their room. Talk about being desperate.

Or not respecting their room mate but if they are quiet...

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I sense Negroes here. Oh well if you dont judge her you can focus on other things like studying.

Wait what?? There isn't and I am, I just don't want some roommate that I would fight with

I woke you up. Maybe you wont have to.

What the hell are you talking about?? I'm not racist or anything shes a white girl and I'm a Native American.

ahh Native American with a name like Vampireloveless? hmm I would have never thought about that.

I'm a writer and an artist so I do what I want with everything.

I write, im not into art, oh well.

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Yikes. Well just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

I know right lol

I remember having to deal with a lot of those in highschool. i definitely feel your pain.

yeah... I'm going to college so I will live with her for a year at most...

And if she's that bad, a partier, she won't last long at college!

I'm sorry to sound bitchy but don't judge until you get to know her better.

Well, I'm like a nondrug, idiot hating and easy to get headaches kinda person. This is just about the worst outcome so far, but I hope she has a good personality and isn't a person obsessed about her looks and how many guys she gets. I know I shouldn't judge, but shes like the total opposite of what I was hoping for.