Can I ask for some advice in 2012 my boyfriend slipt with his ex they had a flat and went thou a hard time with it all ..... He said he always used go out and get drunk he meet this girl he said he took her out coz he only wanted to sleep with her he sleep wit her 2ice he told me they Wernt dateing he just sleep with her 2ice but he told her he can't do it anymore incase she started havin feelin for him .,,. But when he got with me it asked him how many girls he sleep with and he told me 3 before me one is ex gf and these to girls when he was single I asked was they nice and he said one was fat and the other one was alright .,... Time went on and I keep goin on n on so I asked him did u think she was nice did u like her and he said no or she would b my gf now so I said why did u say she was alright and he said I ment she was better looking than the other one I sleep with .... ??? Does that sound believable should I belive him
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(Don't freak out don't freak out.....)


Can sumone help me Honset answers

did u post this before it sound familiar not to be rude

Yes but no1 rote bk