Someone blocked me, for the FIRST time in forever when all I did was to be friendly nice and open to her.... WTH?! I don't deserve that!!
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WTH ... What The H... ???

its common behavior for catfish, dont let it bother you!

There's no explaining some folks, they're gonna do what they're gonna do, you can't let them get to you. Just smile and press on......

She's a beast!!!

I'll agree to that. 😂

The truth hurtsand sometimes ! They can't answer the question because it's not the question that they wanted!

I know how you must feel but they block for the reasons I said. Its ok we are hear for you.


The same thing happened to me. Like hello I'm giving you a compliment here. WHY THE JUICE DID YOU BLOCK ME

Message me

If she does stuff like that for no reason then you can do better :)

Plus that's more time you have to talk to people who you like more.

Well that's just weird

Totally weird.

Oh well what are ya gonna do

Move on? Haha idk

Message me Hun xx

Maybe her hand slipped or something. Or maybe you pissed her off.

Forget about it. It had nothing to do with anything you did. Just be proud you acted in a respectable manner.

Yep! 😊😊😊

Some people are just mean and no matter how nice u are to them they just don't like u so they block u

Aw, that hurts.

Yeah it has happen to me a lot

And you used to it? I means it happens normally to you now?

Yup basically I get blocked because I'm a girl gamer and a cheerleader and a bunch of other stuff if u want to talk jus msg me

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Don't worry ur not the only one... I was blocked by a someone too for no reason

Mean people. 🙈😭

Ikr!!! So meanies!