Is it odd to feel abandoned or distant from somebody you've never met? In the midst of the chaos that is life, you can only hope your efforts of finding something or someone to hold on to for dear life are rewarded. Things are further complicated when the presence of others only serve to emphasize your loneliness and craving for contact. It's a cruel irony.
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do you ever attempt to just "reach out" to someone , the way you are reaching out right now?? From Paper to Plastic isnt really that much different , in that all you do is close the page if you feel rejected, compared to ...walking away ...and always, TRY TRY Again. Much Love & Luck!

It's different in person. An anxiety of a sort prevents us from being ourselves in front of others. Online, you're free to roam.

I understand this too much. The feeling of loneliness all the time, yet when I am around people, it just seems to make it more intense. I see kids in my youth group acting with one another like it's normal, and when I try it just makes me understand how lonely I truly am. Cruel indeed.

oh Hunii , you probably have a tad of Social Anxiety. Its a medical disorder where a person actually can feel physically ill when thinking about having to meet someone new or be around a few people (say a party or gathering) There is sooo much that can be done to help this ! if this IS what you have. Shyness & S.A. ARE NOT equal. TImidness is one thing , but feeling physically ill when you have to address a crowd or face several people and feel you'll say something wrong or think everyone is looking at and judging every little thing you do...even the way you take a drink. It sounds silly, but it sounds like you just may be experiencing that. You can get real relief from this anxiety ..but you need to tell the Dr your exact emotions.. Hope this helps