Michael brown was shot 4 times in the arm with one going directly through his forearm. 2 in the head. This info from the autopsy shows that Mike brown was shot from a distance
Israel is back at war with gaza. We are in a full blood moon cycle. All my fellow brothers we must stand in solidarity to wage war on the wicked of this nation. We have to free ourselves. In the bible, god gave his people the strength to slay their oppressors in battle that outnumbered them more than 2 to one.
It can and will be done!.
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Gaza ***** is part of the US nation now? from what ive seen aboutthat topic sure Palestinians have a right to be angry about the UN giving part of their country away; however ive heard that after the brewing tension between the 2 Israeli's gave them warning not to act violently against them or they'd retaliate. Id be more angry at the UN (USA's decision, from what ive read). and the whole Michael Brown thing, yeah cops have killed people just like this, detain people for no reason, so why are people finally rebelling?

Never said it was i said its wrong to give away the country that the Palestinian people had control over.

oh no, natives too they didnt have control over a country just lived there.

....... lol im done i wont even bother continuing this.

(Do not be offended) your religion is coming to life. Ever wonder how many other religions are coming alive and are already alive? Do not bring religion into something it has nothing to do with. (Again do not be offended.)

Not offended just trying to let people know that this is real and Jesus is coming back

Michael brown was innocent. An officer shouldn't be able to shoot that many times and be innocent. There was something wrong with the officer and probably had a hateful, racist relationship for African Americans. That officer basically murdered an is getting away with it.

wait for the rest of the evidence before you judge

Didn't mike brown rob a liquor store???? You are fighting for a criminal? This is why white people have no respect for us. And yes im black.

That's what happens when u mess around with cops.

That's not the Point we need to stand against this wicked nation because everything in the Bible is coming to life we need to take a stand

Well it's becoming wicked and evil we are losing our morals and values for example gay rights sexual immorality just look at your TV and look at these music videos lately it's evil

The Lifestyle totally goes against what God wants for us as a man and woman it is evil

Lol gay patrol. I love this post

A rebellion? Civil war?

Robbed a liquor store... Well, apparently that's reason enough to kill someone to you? Yeah, this nation and it's people are a high disappointment.

Mike brown was behaving violently, maybe when you get robbed and attacked, you will find it in your heart to not defend yourself against someone with a weapon.

Ha get your facts straight lady.. Try looking through both eyes than one, because in the end, it was all unnecessarily violent and a pure murder.


Behaving violently you say? More like trying to be a free man like everybody else.

And man, maybe you should try reading the police report, instead of getting your "opinion" from CNN (communist news network).

The police will do anything to cover their ***, even when they're in the wrong. Whether it was robbing a liquor store, or just walking down the street, no one deserves death for any of it.

I agree. Cruel and unusual punishment. Eighth amendment. Or perhaps a right to a fair trial? And why is the man who murdered him not incarcerated?
(also, too add, we have more to fight about than ******* gay rights. People are dying, and you choose to mention humans loving each other rightfully? The bible says a lot if things, and when taken out of context, can be cruel. I'm in a Christian youth group, and they seem to have absolutely no problem with me!)

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